B.Ed College Vidya Nagar Bidar 585403

The highest function of education is to develop an integrated personality of an individual who is capable of dealing with life as a whole. Holistic education helps children learn what they need to learn ‘meaningfully’. Events and dynamics are part of every child’s life, these can be the starting point for learning any of the academic skills that every child needs to master. Not all children learn at the same pace, and no child learns with the same pace all the time. Learning is an inherently creative act. To create an emancipated education, Karnataka B.Ed college, motivates and participates in up-bringing every child towards a brighter future.


Our Mission

To disseminate quality education, Foster academic excellence, Develop attitudes conducive to life long learning.

Our Vision

• Provide Competency based pre-service teacher education
• Prepare commitment oriented secondary school teachers
• Empower in-service secondary school teachers.


Our Motto

“Salvation through knowledge” Knowledge in its highest sense 
– Wisdom, Truth and Realisation